Visto para os Emirados Árabes Unidos

Visto para os Emirados Árabes Unidos para um viajante com passaporte ao Zimbábue e que more no Brasil

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During the pandemic, Abu Dhabi has suspended all visa services with the exception of their visa on arrival program at the airport. Therefore, any foreign citizen that is eligible for a visa on arrival is permitted to travel to Abu Dhabi at this time.

The Multiple Entry visa may only used at the Dubai Airport. Please plan accordingly.
This is focusing solely on the city of Abu Dhabi.
Any traveler coming from a country on the green list will not have to fulfill the quarantine requirements and will only be subject to the testing requirements. Currently, the green list of countries includes: Australia, Brunei, China, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mauritius, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.
Most countries not included on the green list can still travel to Abu Dhabi, as long as they qualify for a visa on arrival and they agree to fulfill a quarantine requirement of 10 days.

Testing Requirements for Abu Dhabi.
Pre-Flight . In order to board your flight for Abu Dhabi, all passengers must perform a PCR test no longer than 96 hours before departure and show proof of the negative results. Passengers coming from the UK will only have a 72-hour window.

Test on Arrival. All passengers will also be given a PCR test upon arrival. Even if you are traveling from a country on the ‘green’ list, you must isolate until test results become available, usually 12-24 hours.

Test on Day 6 and Day 12 for Green Countries. Travelers who are coming from ‘green’ list countries and therefore exempt from the 10-day quarantine must also take a PCR test on day 6 and day 12 of their trip.

Test on Day 8 for Quarantine Countries. Travelers who are coming from countries NOT included on the ‘green’ list, and who are required to quarantine for 10 days, must take a PCR test on day 8 of their trip in order to be released from quarantine on day 10 and have the wristband removed.

Passengers under 12 years of age are exempt from testing.

All visitors into Abu Dhabi will need to download the Alhosn contact tracing app and use it for the duration of their stay.
This is focusing solely on the city of Dubai.
Perform a PCR test, no longer than 96 hours prior to your departing flight. The test must be in either Arabic or English. Children under 12 are exempt.
A few select nations also have the option of being tested on arrival if they cannot get a 96-hour PCR test in their own country. The list is currently very small, but consists of the following countries:Saudi Arabia, Kuwait , Bahrain , Oman , UK , Germany.
Download the DXB Smart App on your phone here.
The government of UAE has said that all travelers and tourists into Dubai MUST have travel health insurance.

Additional required documents for Male applicants under the age of 21 and Female applicants under the age of 23
Applicant must be accompanied by a parent.

Birth Certificate. A copy of the applicant's birth certificate.

Parent’s Passport Copy. A copy of the information pages of the traveling parent’s passport.

Parent’s UAE Visa. A copy of the traveling parent's valid UAE visa (unless parent is applying for a visa together with the applicant).

Before appling for UAE e-visa you must be outside the country. In case you have just left the United Arab Emirates, please provide us a copy of the UAE exit stamps.

E-visas for tourist visas are issued as "visitor" visas.

O tourist e-visa para os Emirados Árabes Unidos é necessário para os cidadãos do Zimbábue.

A VisaHQ, infelizmente, não oferece um serviço completo de tourist e-visa para os Emirados Árabes Unidos no momento.

Medidas que você pode tomar:

  • Verifique a validade de seu passaporte e a disponibilidade de páginas em branco no mesmo para vistos.

  • Entre em contato com a embaixada ou consulado dos Emirados Árabes Unidos mais próximos.

    Aproveite as extensas informações consulares e sobre embaixadas contidas em nosso banco de dados para encontrar a que se encontra mais perto de você. Ao entrar em contato com a embaixada, confirme quais são os documentos necessários, o tempo para processamento do visto e se o consulado aceita pedidos feitos pelo correio.

  • O visto para os Emirados Árabes Unidos é necessário para cidadãos de Zimbábue. Para maiores informações entre em contato com o mais próximo Embaixada dos Emirados Árabes Unidos.

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